What would you do if the world suddenly runs out of Sriracha? That wonderful spicy red paste that gives your food an additional kick, definitely addictive. Can’t even begin to imagine eating some of my favorite food without it.

Watch as Kevin Yang explores a world without Sriracha in one of my favorite poems below: Continue reading “Srirachapocalypse”


Spoken Word Artists That Have No Chill: Sarah Kay

Today, I’m going to start a new series in this blog called “Spoken Word Artists That Have No Chill”. A series where I fangirl over spoken word poets. I’ll be featuring spoken word artists that I admire for their work (just to be clear, friends. :P) and new ones I’ve just discovered and wanna share, so this series is basically going feature everybody that I know of and will hopefully discover in the future. HAHAHA.

Choosing the first artist to be featured for this series was quite difficult because there just SO MANY to choose from and I want to feature them all, but big thanks to YouTube because now getting to know new artists and their work is so much easier. So I’m gonna go back to the first time I got hooked on spoken word poetry. Continue reading “Spoken Word Artists That Have No Chill: Sarah Kay”