Life is Full of Surprises: Life Update as of May 2016

I’m a fairly optimistic person, when I’m in the mood. Always seeing the good in people (’till they piss me off), seeing the rainbow after a storm, the sunshine through a cloudy day, and all the clichés that you can relate to optimism.

I grew up thinking I can be whoever I wanted to be and achieve whatever I wanted to achieve with enough prayer and hard work as my mom would always say. I have a lot of dreams, but life hasn’t always been good. Continue reading “Life is Full of Surprises: Life Update as of May 2016”


On Getting Punched On The Head By Some Random Dude

Hello! I’m back, sort of. Sharing this story online because my mom wanted more people to know that this can happen and it might help you become more aware of your surroundings. (She wants this to go viral. She’s social media savvy now, so cute.)  Continue reading “On Getting Punched On The Head By Some Random Dude”

F*ck That: A Guided Meditation

“Those assholes can’t piss all over a purity like this.”

I haven’t written anything in a while. There’s been a lot going on and haven’t really been able to regain my bearings just yet but I’m getting there. I’m getting there.

A great friend shared this video with me earlier and I found it so beautiful I felt like I needed to share it with y’all. If you are very sensitive about language, don’t watch the video.

“Breathe in strength, breathe out bullshit.”

One step at a time. One step at a time.

Catch – up v.1

I promised myself when I first started this blog that I would write as often as possible without letting life get in the way, but guess what? I let life get in the GD way. So here’s a quick recap about what has been happening in my life in the past 2 months:

1. The group that I am part of, Words Anonymous, just turned 1! We had a two night show anniversary show and they were one of the best nights of my life.

Continue reading “Catch – up v.1”

So You Want To Be An Artist? (or How To Deal With Disappointment 101 or Notes on Funemployment 1)

Featured imageImage from berlin-artparasites

I was around 3 or 4 when I asked my parents to let me join Little Miss Philippines on Eat Bulaga because I wanted to be just like Aiza Seguerra. I wanted to have my own TV Show, star in my own movie, endorse all the hotdogs I could ever want but my Father said no. He told me to focus on my academics because he doesn’t want me to end up like all the problematic celebrity kids. But I could not be stopped. I joined all of the productions I could. It did not matter if I was a tree swaying in the background or the star of the show. I would finish my homework early so I could play dress up and practice my Little Miss Philippines spiel in front of the mirror. 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve known that I wanted to be in the limelight. It wasn’t just about becoming famous and getting the applause. It was about sharing your life with about 10 million different people at once. Connecting with them. Hopefully making an impact in their lives.

I’ve pretty much known from the get go that this was where I was meant to be, but sometimes life takes over. You’re not pretty enough. You’re too ordinary. Nobody’s gonna cast a big girl. Be smart, girl. Don’t waste your life trying to chase an impossible dream. With my self-esteem lower than the average temperature in Antartica, I hid behind my thick lenses to protect myself from the cruelty of onlookers; used my books and my stories to help me figure out where the hell am I supposed to bring myself now. Continue reading “So You Want To Be An Artist? (or How To Deal With Disappointment 101 or Notes on Funemployment 1)”

How To Write Your First Blog Post and Hopefully Not Suck While Doing So

*currently listening to: “Feelings” by Up Dharma Down feat. Paul Buchanan*

Writing your first blog post is extremely difficult. You have a lot feelings and opinions and funny cat pictures and  hilarious videos that you want to share but you don’t really know where to start. You’re also crippled by the fear that people don’t think you’re interesting enough to read about. You also wanna sound cool and interesting, and never needy. (WHY? LOVE ME.) You wanna exude a certain air of nonchalance that all the cool kids have. There is an art into exuding nonchalance that attracts people like bees to honey because you have to admit, people pay more attention to people who don’t pay attention to them. Tulad nalang ni… #infinitehugot #tangarinakoalways

Anyway, going back to the original point. I am having a hard time composing this first post kasi, pressure. Also, where the hell does one start?!  HAHAHAHA. As you may have already figured out, I was not trained to be a creative writer but I’m working *really* hard to become one.

This blog was created as an exercise to document my journey as a creative. A peek into my stream of consciousness as Continue reading “How To Write Your First Blog Post and Hopefully Not Suck While Doing So”