Prince and Bowery

Ayaw kong ipost ang transcript nito kasi hindi ako matapang. Mukha lang akong matapang pero hindi talaga. Feeling ko hindi ko pa rin ito masasabi directly na siya ang rason bakit ko sinulat ‘to. Hahahaha! Pero dahil may video na, isama na natin ang transcript. Bahala na si Batman.

A short one, for the boy with the good hair. 


There are many things that I like to keep secret:
Like the stash of chocolates hidden behind my bookcase,
The shoebox of love letters hidden somwhere in my room,
The cherry bomb in my pocket just waiting to be lit,
The vibrator I desperately try to hide from my mother, hidden deep inside my underwear drawer.

Out of all of my secrets, you’re my favorite.

You’re my mobile phone ringing at 3 am and I’m quietly running down the stairs to open the building door, desperately trying to make sure that no one else can hear it creak.
The way you are a boxers man because you like to keep the boys well ventilated.
The way your hair looks after an entire night of binge drinking like tumbleweed being blown away by a desert storm.
The way we say I love yous in our sleep, silently. With no traces left in the morning.

I keep you hidden in my left breast pocket, closest to my heart; while I’m stashed away in the back pocket of your jeans, barely breaking your confident stride.

You said the world wasn’t ready for us.
That this was better, more fascinating, more exciting: all the clandestine rendezvous, the shoebox of love letters, the 3 am calls, the tumbleweed blown away by the desert storm, the cherry bomb in our pockets, the silent I love yous.

You’re the king of the world; I was just your 3 o’clock habit.
I’ve wanted so long to be the queen of your castle, but for now I’ll settle as the jester in your court.
Until that time comes, I’ll wait for you at the corner of Prince and Bowery every morning at 3, hoping that someday, one day, you’ll end up loving me.


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