Inspired: One

Hi all!

As promised I’m starting a series here on the different artists, talks, songs, and spoken word pieces that have inspired me and keep on inspiring me as a writer and performer, as well as some new work that I encounter.

I’d like to start off with the first piece that re-ignited my love for writing performance pieces. This might seem very uncharacteristic of me to share a piece like this but this has inspired me in so many ways and has helped me through some dark and questionable times in my life.

I present to you Jefferson Bethke’s ‘Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus‘:


He also made this gem of a video:


Give the piece a chance. It’s pretty awesome. 🙂

I’ll be back in a few days with another video for the Inspired series. ❤


2 thoughts on “Inspired: One

  1. Hello there. I think it would be great if you could elaborate more on your own experience of the pieces. That I believe could be the key takeaway for posts like these. While I can listen to these pieces myself on youtube or spotify, I would appreciate reading about how someone else has experienced them (e.g. what worked, what didn’t, what’s characteristic about the piece/performer, how it affected them), particularly another writer.


    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment. I’ll take this to heart when I write the next one.

      To answer your points for this piece in particular:
      Technically, what works is that the piece is solid, straightforward, very grounded, and easy to understand. I like how solid his stance was in what his message was. It wasn’t filled with too many flowery words and metaphors. Very easy to digest even if the topic may not be something a lot of people are open to. Lyrically, I like how he used rhyming as his primary device making his piece very pleasing to the ears.

      I don’t think there was anything that didn’t work for this piece, it was well written and performed. I’ve gotten so used to hearing belief-based spoken word pieces that sound very angry and defensive, so this was a fresh take for me back when I first heard it in 2012. It was preachy without being in-your-face preachy like a lot of pieces seem to fall under.

      This piece helped me through those times in my life when I was questioning why I was even part of a “church”, why people are so hellbent on pushing for a specific way of life which seems to run contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Personally, this helped me to step out of the specific box I was raised in as a Christian and be able to understand what Grace really is about. During that time in my life, I stopped writing and was thinking of just quitting life entirely. This piece was one of the pieces that help pave the way to where I am now as a writer, the courage of speaking out to talk about something not a lot of people were voicing out gave me the courage to voice out what was in my mind and not be afraid that it’ll be seen as invalid.

      I hope you find this sufficient and will keep your comment in mind when I write the next one. Thanks!


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