Biography for Lolobear

I was tasked to write a short biography for Lolobear to be read during the funeral service last week. Sharing it here as well. 🙂


Porferio Duran Moncayo, Periong to his friends and family, was born on the 3rd of November 1928 to Inocentes Moncayo and Consuelo Duran in Dumangas, Iloilo. He was their firstborn. Lolo Periong had 2 younger brothers Lolo Angel, who was 7 years younger than him and Lolo Pablito, who was 14 years younger than him. He grew up during World War II and witnessed many horrible events, but it did not faze him. He saw families being pushed out of their homes, their whole clan even forced to hide in caves. As the war became worse, he bravely stepped up as the firstborn son and worked hard to help feed his family, risking his life in the process. His resourcefulness allowed him to gather and create goods he can use to barter for supplies for his family. When the war ended, he reluctantly returned to school upon the advise of his parents. He worked hard to graduate Elementary and High School despite being older than most of the other students. He, then, studied to become a Seaman during his College years.

He met the love of his life, Carmencita Dofeliz while they were still in High School. Lola Carmen was a beautiful lady who was a frequent muse in their town’s fiestas and caught the favor of many. Lolo Periong pursued Lola Carmen when they were studying in college. After graduation, he went to Manila to apply as a Seaman and was soon hired by Luzon Stevedoring Corporation. He saved money to marry his sweetheart, and they married on the 10th of September 1955 in Iloilo City where they built their home. After sailing for some time and having 4 children, Lolo Periong was assigned by LuzSteveCo to the Port of Davao, bringing his family. In Davao, they had 6 more children with one set of twins, however one of the twins died at birth. Their children are Elizabeth, Elvira, Robert, Porferio Jr., Susan, Helen, Rosemarie and Rose Maria, Rogelio, and Corazon.

In 1977, He was promoted to work in the main office of LuzSteveCo in the Port of Manila. He became a Salvage Master. The family moved to an apartment owned by his uncle in Sta. Ana, Manila where they lived for almost 12 years. Later on, they built a house for themselves in Bacoor, Cavite. He retired from LuzSteveCo in 1984 after 27 years of service. After his retirement he ventured into a machine shop business, as well as, owning and operating passenger jeepneys. Shortly thereafter, Lola Carmen and Lolo Periong were petitioned by their daughter Elizabeth to migrate to the United States. While there, he worked in a grocery store then later on studied and became a Certified Nurse Aid. Lolo Periong accepted the Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior after his customer from the grocery store shared the Gospel to him. They later joined a Christian Church in Florida and were baptized when they returned to the Philippines. They decided to return home to Manila after several years of living in Florida to be with their other children and grandchildren.

Lola Carmen joined our Creator on April 4, 2014. Her death saddened Lolo Periong very much; causing him to ask where she was from sunrise till sundown, to which Tita Cora dutifully answers that she is already in Heaven. Our dear Lolo Periong has also joined our Creator, last October 14, 2015. Lolo Periong and Lola Carmen lived a full and happy life together in their home and now they are together again with the Lord.


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