Performed this piece with Brisom’s ‘Will I’ for #U2ONG. It’s another short one (Yay for brevity!) about people who are meant to be together but not really.

We’ve been searching long for the right words to say, we know it’s there.
It’s on the tip of our tongues, we just can’t say them aloud.
We can’t find the strength to say them.
Maybe we don’t wanna say them.
But we should. We really should.
These words are burning.
They’re eating us alive.

I could have sworn the gods created us with the other in mind.
Complementary. Supplementary.
Declared by men as sorcery.
They couldn’t understand us.
They called us friends.
They called us partners.
They called us lovers.
They couldn’t find the right word for us.
But we’ve never really needed any words.

All I know is that we brought mayhem.
We were mayhem.
We found quiet as we watched the world burn all around us.
We found peace in the rubble, found solace in the smoke.
But we were never made for the quiet, the peace, the solace.

So this is where we end: The place where we began,
Staring out into the sky filled bright with city lights.
Our hands, clasped together.
Our silence, an ocean roaring.
Our hearts, whispering pleasantries like things will not change.

This is where we part ways.
Our bodies trembling.
We wait with bated breaths as
We wish upon that lone falling star for things never to change.
But they will. They already have.

This is where I let you go.


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