Obligatory Birthday Post — Sort of

I joined my friend’s blogging series for July and I wrote something for and about my birthday and I’m reposting it here para fun. Hahahaha. Will write more about my birthday later and turning 29 later, but first IR3!

24 July 2015

Dear July,

Today is my birthday. You probably already knew that. I was born on a stormy night much like the other nights in July and I think that’s the reason for the incessant storms inside of me.

I have to warn you. I don’t really like birthdays so much so I might be bugnutin. You can probably win me over with dragons or new books or something. Ugh. People make such a fuss…

… joke lang. I love birthdays!!!

I love birthdays as much as I love watching Doctor Who or Game of Thrones or The Mindy Project or whatever series I’m currently addicted to. I impatiently wait patiently (yes, that is a thing.) for the next season to come because I know it’ll be more exciting than the last, even if the current season is like a rollercoaster ride that I just can’t wait to get out of.

I love birthday cakes and blowing them. Birthday candles! Blowing them birthday candles. I like blowing birthday candles, okay. Kayo ha. Wag nga kayong bastos. Blowing out birthday candles gives me a chance to start again. A chance to re-ignite whatever needs igniting, like my ex’s house or something or my ex or something. lol.

I also love birthday noodles. They say eating noodles on your birthday can give you long life but I don’t really believe that. I eat noodles because noodles done right are awesome. Noodles are like the super happy food. That and cheese. Yeaaaaaah!

But most of all, I love the celebration that comes with birthdays. These could be on the day or the day before or the day after. They could be a week long, a month long, or even a whole year long, doesn’t matter, as long as you’re celebrating. Celebrate the New Year. Celebrate your new lease on life; your chance to start over if you’ve fucked up or improve yourself further if you’ve done well for yourself. This is another moment that many do not have the privilege of having. I am extremely privileged to have today, so I am giving thanks. I am celebrating for all of the wonderful lives that have intersected with mine.

Para sa lahat ng nauna, salamat. Pinayaman nyo ang buhay ko dahil sa mga buhay ninyo. Bitbit ko kayo lagi sa puso ko.


Today begins the final year of my “twenteens” and I’m really hoping not to fuck it up. If I do, just pat me on the head to give me attention, cry with me, or even try to make me laugh. I’d do the same for you, if you’d let me.

To those who stuck it out with me thus far; To those who just got on this rollercoaster with me; To those who have an accelerated pass; Even those who’ve already left the ride, thank you. I value each and every one of you.

And to you July 24, even if there are times I feel like I have no chance in hell of ever reaching you, thank you for always being there. Here’s to seeing you again next year. Cheers! (Also it’s National Tequila Day. Yay!)

Partying ‘till You kill me,


Here’s the link to the original post: http://superchristian.co.vu/post/124914824930


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