How To Write Your First Blog Post and Hopefully Not Suck While Doing So

*currently listening to: “Feelings” by Up Dharma Down feat. Paul Buchanan*

Writing your first blog post is extremely difficult. You have a lot feelings and opinions and funny cat pictures and  hilarious videos that you want to share but you don’t really know where to start. You’re also crippled by the fear that people don’t think you’re interesting enough to read about. You also wanna sound cool and interesting, and never needy. (WHY? LOVE ME.) You wanna exude a certain air of nonchalance that all the cool kids have. There is an art into exuding nonchalance that attracts people like bees to honey because you have to admit, people pay more attention to people who don’t pay attention to them. Tulad nalang ni… #infinitehugot #tangarinakoalways

Anyway, going back to the original point. I am having a hard time composing this first post kasi, pressure. Also, where the hell does one start?!  HAHAHAHA. As you may have already figured out, I was not trained to be a creative writer but I’m working *really* hard to become one.

This blog was created as an exercise to document my journey as a creative. A peek into my stream of consciousness as an ex – cog in the corporate machine trying to make it in the world while trying to make the it a better place. (I THANK YOU. *bow*) This will let you peek into my day-to-day life which include a lot of dealing with my short attention span, watching TV serials and marathon-ing movies, reading books, exploring new music, swimming through my personal social media accounts or our group Words Anonymous, getting lost in YouTube/Buzz Feed/Thought Catalog/9gag/etc., and looking at the blank page of my Microsoft Word with a horrified look on my face.

I will occasionally spew out portions of things I am working on, wonderful things that inspire me, ways of dealing with creative block, everyday frustrations, kalandian, kahalamanan, and similar stuff.

Oh, this blog will be bilingual and there will most probably be a lot of code switching within blog posts, so please bear with me.  I will do my best to have a new post up everyday, so if I have not been posting for a while, feel free to send me angry emails demanding for a new post because I know you guys can’t live without knowing what I had for breakfast and such. HAHAHAHA.

If you have any questions, comments, etc. do not hesitate to message me here or through my other social media accounts that can be found in my sidebar. I won’t be posting on anymore but I’ll still keep my other Tumblr because it’s just so goddamn addictive.

Join in this experience with me, why don’t ya? Or not. Your choice. I love you anyway. ❤


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